Multiplayer Sudoku

To play Multiplayer Sudoku we invite you to go to the website Doyu Games. On that site you will find similar Sudoku puzzles, but they will allow you to play against other users. You can play matches of 2, 3 and up to 7 other opponents at the same time. Moreover, you will find 3 kinds of game types available. If you want to access Multiplayer Sudoku, click on the following link: Multiplayer Online Sudoku.

Multiplayer Sudoku Multiplayer Online Sudoku

We recommend you to register on the site, to let you enjoy the full set of available options and sections of the site. On one hand, you will be gathering points and incresing your level and scoring, improving your ranking, chating with other users, accesing the full set of options when creating matches, saving your in-game progress, appearing on highscores and so on. Registration is completely free.

Registration also will give you advantages on One Player mode, specially on Evolution mode. Evolution mode is only available for registered users. On that mode you will have to beat different levels of increasing difficulty and you will be saving your scoring. To register, click on the following link: Doyu Games registration.

One player Sudoku, evolution mode Online One player Sudoku

In any case, feel free to try and play multiplayer Sudoku without registering. Registration is just an extra to enjoy the extra features.

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